The Quiet Season 02-24-15

Stocks climbed to marginal new highs last week; the S&P 500 closed above 2,100 for the first time in the process. According to the age-old adage, the most bullish thing for the market is to make new highs. While that’s often true, we can’t wholeheartedly support the current move. Read more about The Quiet Season 02-24-15

A Breather After A Record 02-17-15

Stocks seem to disregard the latest breakdown of the negotiations over the Greece bailout. The euro has strengthened, European stocks were mostly higher, and shares here in the U.S. are essentially flat—and only after setting a new record on the S&P 500 last Friday. Read more about A Breather After A Record 02-17-15

Greece, Growth and Other Question Marks 2-10-15

The holding pattern in which the market appears stuck, referenced last week, remains in effect. Investors await details on a possible resolution to the confrontation between the Greek Tsipras government and its creditors that would avoid the country’s expulsion from the euro. Current thinking: Greece could tomorrow announce that it will comply with the majority of the troika’s reforms, but will seek to rollback or alter one third of the structural reforms already imposed on the country. Read more about Greece, Growth and Other Question Marks 2-10-15

Holding Pattern 02-03-15

Stocks are rising for a second consecutive day today, despite more weak economic news. Factory orders in December fell 3.4 percent, compared to expectations for a decline of 2.2 percent. Likewise, durable goods orders declined 3.3 percent in December, slightly below expectations. If you strip out the volatile defense and air craft orders, however, the decline was a much more modest 0.1 percent, an improvement over the previous months’ 0.6 percent decline. Read more about Holding Pattern 02-03-15

Investors on Guard Amid Weak Data 1-27-15

While snow blankets much of the East Coast today, and continues to fall furiously, Wall Street is open for business as usual. Despite the pleasant white coating on the streets outside of offices in lower Manhattan, however, investors see the color red splashed across their computer screens. Weak U.S. economic data coupled with disappointing earnings from several prominent companies have put stocks squarely in negative territory today. Read more about Investors on Guard Amid Weak Data 1-27-15